Bair’s All-American Sports Grill

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This is just a quick update.  Bair’s has redone their menu somewhat and are now offering a bigger selection of burgers and dinner entrees. Prices have also gone up a bit with some of the new dinner entrees breaking the $9.99 barrier.  Burgers are still as good as before and the fried walleye is still available.


Original Review – 9/25/2008

Steve, Danny and I took the short drive out to the edge of Republic today to have lunch at Bair’s.  Bair’s is a sports grill serving up a menu of bar/grill favorites  – ½ lb hamburgers, sandwiches, nachos and wings – that sort of thing.

Danny and I arrived about 11:20 and we were seated right away.  The dining room had a few other tables occupied which would change closer to noon.  While we waited for Steve, our server took our drink orders and we decided to snack on some onion twisters – which are the Bair’s version of onion straws.  The onion straws were ok – there weren’t many left by the time Steve showed up.

We asked our server what the most popular items on the menu were and she immediately uttered – “the fish!”  As it turned out Wednesdays are AYCE (all you can eat) fish days – where for $7.99 – you get all you can eat fried Walleye with fries and slaw.  She also mentioned that the burgers were quite popular.  As we were quizzing her on the fish – she offered to bring us a sample – which of course we could not turn down.

Our sample of the fish was really good – mild white fish in a light & really crispy batter.  That sample sold Danny on the AYCE fish special.

While we were savoring the fish sample, we started to notice the place filling up.  Worried that Steve still had not arrived and not wanting to get our lunch caught in a big lunch-rush queue – Danny made the decision that we go ahead and put our order in and order for Steve the AYCE fish special as well.

I wanted to make sure we tried something else, so I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.99) which was served with fries (you can sub out for a different side for $1).

The fish was a huge hit with Danny and Steve so I’m sure they will post their thoughts about it.  I had a taste and my take on it is that the batter is what is special about this dish – it is light and crispy and was seasoned well.

The burger was one of the better ones I’ve had lately.   I ordered it medium-well and it was still juicy – it had American cheese on it (didn’t think to ask to sub for cheddar) and a generous pile of really crispy bacon.  It came with the standard tomato and onion slice, along with some shredded lettuce and a pickle spear.  The fries were ok – the plain, thicker cut variety.

Besides the appetizers & sandwiches, Bair’s offers several dinner entrees all for $9.99 which include the fish, sirloin steak, chicken fingers, grilled chicken and BBQ brisket.

The atmosphere is definitely “Sports-Bar” with TV’s big and small lining the room.  Lots of sports memorabilia on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  Another interesting observation we made during the lunch rush is that this is definitely a “guy” place.  By my reckoning, guys outnumbered girls by at least 15 to 1 – we saw maybe 4 women in the restaurant total (besides the serving staff) during our visit.  This may be a lunch only phenomenon but given the “Sports” theme and the general “guy” oriented food, it may not be that unusual.

Service was very good with only one issue.  The issue was that Danny and Steve both requested more fish – and after waiting quite a while for it to show up – our server said the kitchen was really backed up.  It turned out ok though since Danny and Steve were both whining about how they were going to eat more fish without exploding.  Needless to say they canceled their order.  Our drinks were refilled promptly and we were checked on often.

I’m sure that the kitchen backing up was due to a combination of it being AYCE fish day, most everybody ordering fish, the restaurant was full and there was a group of 20 in a back room to be taken care of.   Even if they had a 50 gallon deep fryer – it is likely that they wouldn’t have been able to keep up.
Overall we really liked our lunch this day at Bair’s.  For bar-grill food, there is a whole lot to like here and the fish and burgers are both solid choices.

We all decided we are going back for more.

1644 US Highway 60 East, Republic – (417) 732- 5077

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