Blue Bull Bar and Grill

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The Blue Bull Bar and Grill (BB) sort of snuck up on me this summer.  I’ve been gone a lot and have missed a lot of the news about new places.  Occupying the former Riad’s place smack dab on Park Central Square, the Blue Bull seems to be downtown’s newest place to grab a burger and beer.

It was a gorgeous evening with my wife and I visited and we decided to eat outside to enjoy the weather.  The BB has what I believe to be the largest outside seating area on the square with a nice view of the square and the people wandering around it.

The menu at BB is mainly burgers, sandwiches and salads.  When I asked the server what the ‘specialties’ were she said the burgers and the tenderloin.  I wanted a burger so I selected the Ozark Mountain BBQ Burger and asked for the BBQ sauce on the side.  My wife chose the Spinach Cranberry Salad that comes with grilled chicken.

Ozark Mountain BBQ Burger

Without the BBQ sauce, my burger was really a 1/3 pound bacon cheese burger with caramelized onions.  I’m glad I asked for the BBQ sauce on the side as it had a pretty strong flavor.  The sauce reminded me a bit of the BBQ sauce at Big Whiskey’s down the block as it was sweet, thick and sort of smoky.  It was served on a Ciabatta bun and it looked really good with the cheese all melty, and the onions and bacon peaking out from under the cheese.  So juicy burger, bacon, cheese, onions – it had to taste great right?  Trouble was that darn Ciabatta bun.  See there was too much bread for the size of the burger and I couldn’t really taste the goodness that was happening between the buns.  Mostly I tasted the bread which made the whole thing kind of dry.  This would have been much more successful with a smaller, more traditional, hamburger bun.  The larger Blue Bull Burger which was 2/3 pound or maybe even a whole pound would have been able to stand up to the Ciabatta, but not this one.  On a more positive note, the waffle cut sweet potato fries were really good.  Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  Unlike other places, these were not seasoned with sugar or cinnamon – just salt and they were sure yummy.

Spinach Cranberry Salad

My wife liked her salad quite a bit; it had pecans, cranberries and some feta to go along with the fresh greens.  It came with a balsamic based dressing.  The chicken was nicely seasoned as well.  She said all of the ingredients went together well.  It was also a fairly large portion – enough to take home for lunch the next day.

The décor of the BB stands up to its name – it is really blue inside.  There are lots of shiny things around to reflect the very blue lights that serve as illumination.  The bar is pretty large with lots of chairs to belly up to it with.  In good weather though – outside is the place to be.

It's blue in here!

Service was very good on our visit.  My diet coke remained full, our meals came out quickly and the food was hot.

Even though the burger didn’t live up to its looks – I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to the BB.  Next time, I think I’ll try the tenderloin.  Our server was really talking that up as being hand breaded and the best in town.  Since my failed trip to Smith’s – I’ve got a hankering for a good tenderloin sandwich and I hope the one at BB lives up to the hype.

105 Park Central Square – 417-831-BULL (2855)

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