Boomers Campus Sports Bar & Grill

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Boomers opened up sometime this summer in the old Coesters location on South Kimbrough near the MSU campus.  I met friend Kelly for lunch there last week to give it a try.

The menu consists mainly of bar food – with a selection of sandwiches, pizzas, Stromboli’s and appetizers.  I decided on the “Devil Burger’ and fries ($8.99).  Kelly picked a custom Stromboli.  There wasn’t a limit to the number of fillings he could choose, so Kelly picked most of them and was warned that it would take a bit longer to cook with that many ingredients.

The Devil Burger I ordered was described as being blackened and having jalapenos and pepper jack cheese on it.  I requested it to be cooked to medium, but it the patty came out well done.  I’m pretty sure that the patty is a preformed frozen one as it was really uniform in thickness and shape.  While it wasn’t bone dry it wasn’t juicy either.  The spices, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese didn’t really add that much to the flavor of the burger and it all just tasted a bit flat.  The fries were just ok – nothing special.

Kelly said his Stromboli crust was strange – it was sort of thin and may have been a bit undercooked as it wasn’t all that brown.  He didn’t think too much of it.

Service was pretty good when we visited and my diet coke remained filled.  Even with the extra cooking time warning on the Stromboli, our food came out pretty quickly.

Inside, things haven’t really changed much since the Coester’s day – there is about the same seating arrangements with most of the tables being either 2 people or 6 people sized.  TV’s still are up high on the walls and there are several retro video game machines lining the back wall.  Based on the chalk board over the bar, there are drink specials throughout the week with what appear to be pretty good prices during happy hour.  Boomers is targeted to the MSU crowed though so that isn’t all that surprising.

The men’s restroom was in need of a cleaning – it appeared that it wasn’t cleaned up from the night before and was a bit gross.

Overall, I didn’t see a good reason to be back.  I can get a better burger a few blocks away at Grad School or Lily’s Diner and spend less at both places.  If I were a heavy drinking college student I might like Boomers better.

631 South Kimbrough Avenue – (417) 866-2700

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