Café Roswitha

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Lunch today was with my wife and Mom at Café Roswitha.  I had tried to take Mom out to lunch here right before Christmas but the place was too busy with Christmas parties and we didn’t have time to wait that day.  Café Roswitha has been here for a few years now, but sometime in the last year or so moved a few doors down from the original location and into the end spot in the Brentwood Center where Le Maribelle used to be some years back.

Café Roswitha is actually a gift shop & restaurant with the shop at the front.  It is not obvious where go to when you arrive to eat unless someone is manning the hostess station (there wasn’t when we got there).  I poked my head down the hall and into the dining room catching the eye of a server who came and took us to our seat.

We were seated in the main dining area (there are two) and there were only a couple of empty tables (this was a Tuesday).  I did notice that when we arrived, I was the only male diner.  By the time we were done, I did see a couple of other guys with their significant others.

The lunch menu at Café Roswitha is what I would call “Tea House” with the requisite chicken salad, various sandwiches & soups, and quiche.  However, they also feature German dishes – today’s were the regular menu item Beef Stroganoff and the ‘special’ – Goulash.  I choose the Goulash ($9.95), my wife selected the ham and mushroom quiche ($7.95) and Mom got the sandwich special of the day – prime rib ($8.95).

The Goulash was like beef pot roast with mushrooms in a brown gravy served over some spätzle (egg noodles).  It came with a side salad of nice greens with a light balsamic dressing along with a few pieces of toasty bread.  Overall – the taste was pretty good – but I thought the portion size was on the small side considering the $10 price.  Since it was on the small side, I did have room for desert (see below).

My wife liked her quiche (with side salad and toasty bread) just fine and my Mom really liked her sandwich.  The server said that they carved up the prime rib left over from the day before for the sandwich today.  There were several thick slices of tender prime rib on the sandwich with some beef juice (au jus?) for dipping.  The sandwich came with some round tortilla chips from a bag and a small dish of salsa from a jar – neither of which did much for me when I tasted them.

We all decided that desert was in order.  I had the lemon meringue pie, Mom got the raspberry torte cake, and my wife got the lemon sunshine (or something like that) cake – which looked like it should have been called orange sunshine since it was orange colored not yellow.  We all liked the deserts – but my wife mentioned her cake was a bit dry.  When we asked, the server let us know that most of the deserts come from somewhere in Kansas City and are not made in house.

Service was pretty good today.  Drink refills kept up with us except for one time when our server disappeared with my empty diet coke glass for what seemed like forever (she said that the diet coke was very foamy and she had to let it settle before bringing it back).

The décor of Café Roswitha is definitely more ‘Tea House’ than ‘Road House’ with lots of pretties on the walls (all for sale) to look at.  While the dining room was pretty full we did not feel crammed in.  The table we were at did have a wobbly top -I reached under and tightened some loose bolts with my fingers which helped.  I told the hostess about this and said that it just needed to be tightened with a wrench – to which she said “I don’t know what a wrench is – but I’ll have someone take a look at it”.

For lunch Café Roswitha is a fine place to take Mom (or in this case to have Mom take me since she paid).  I would like to come back for dinner and try some more of the German dishes that they appear to have on the dinner menu.

2620 S Glenstone Ave – (417) 881-2003

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