Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

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Tonight I had dinner at Cheddar’s with Steve and his family.   I’ve been to Cheddar’s many times in the past and almost always have gotten a good meal.  Fortunately for us tonight was no exception.  Steve & family arrived early and had an unusually short wait for a table (about 5 minutes). However by the time I arrived, there were many people waiting for a table – and as we were leaving we had to fight our way through the throng of people waiting in the entryway for their turn to eat.

I ordered the ribs & steak combo meal ($12.99) – which has become my usual when dining at Cheddar’s.  You get ½ rack of ribs and a small (6 ounce I think) sirloin steak.  I chose mashed potatoes and broccoli as my two sides and of course I had my usual diet coke ($1.99).   The ribs at Cheddar’s are tied for first place as my favorite in town.  They are easily eaten without having to actually touch them – which is one of my criteria for ribs.  The ribs come with a bit of sauce baked onto them.  The sirloin was also very good – it was cooked correctly and was an exceptionally tender and flavorful steak.   The mashed potatoes are also a good choice for a side – they are offered with gravy – but they are so good you won’t miss the gravy if you skip it.

Cheddar’s has a varied menu – focusing on American food.  I’ve had several of their entrées in the past and can say I’ve enjoyed just about everything I have tried.  Other good choices are the tortilla soup, the vegetable plate, the chicken strips and the hamburgers.  The other nice thing about Cheddar’s is that their menu prices are very reasonable.  If you don’t know what you are hungry for – you are almost sure to find something on this menu.

Ok, now for the downsides.  Cheddar’s is another one of the restaurants in town that has an exemption from the Springfield smoke-free ordinance.  Tonight we were seated close to the bar area (where smoking is allowed) and were bothered by the smoke from someone creating a thick haze with a pipe.  I’ve already emailed the Greene County Health Department to try to find out what criteria is given to allow exemptions from this ordinance since this is the second restaurant recently where we were bothered by smoking while dining.

The next downside is the parking situation.  People (and you know who you are) are very creative in deciding what constitutes a parking spot in the lot – there are often vehicles parked along the curb all the way around the restaurant making it difficult for people parking in real spaces to get in and out – so STOP it and just park a little farther away towards Golden Corral like I did tonight.

The last downside I’ve already mentioned is the wait.  To avoid this problem – I usually try to go for an early dinner around 4pm when there isn’t a crowd.

So to sum up – Cheddar’s has a good variety of very good food but is too popular for its own good.

Cheddar’s (no website)

1950 E Primrose St – (417) 889-8998

Link to Health Inspections

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