Flame Steakhouse

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My wife and I decided we were in need of a special evening out (I think you could call it a date!) to include a nice meal somewhere.  We decided on Flame Steakhouse since we have not been there yet and have heard some good things about it.

We made reservations for 6:30 this Friday evening.  We ended up meeting at the restaurant due to our schedules that day (hey – just like a real date).  I arrived early and was seated upstairs in the balcony at a table for two.  I was able to peruse the menu while I wanted and found a few interesting things about Flame that I was able to chat about with our server Derrick.

The steaks (except for the filets) are all dry-aged at the restaurant.  The explanation in the menu is that this dry aging increases the flavor and tenderness of the meat.  The other interesting thing about Flame is that they cook their steaks at 1500 degrees.  1500 degrees is hot enough to melt aluminum or copper, so I imagine that the steaks would cook very quickly.

We both decided on steaks – mine the 8oz filet with loaded baked potato ($27.75) and my wife the 12oz strip steak with mashed sweet potatoes ($31.75).  Most of the entrees come with one selection from the starches menu.  We also decided to split the Garbage Salad with the house balsamic dressing ($7.50) as a starter.

Our server brought us a break basket filled with a type of corn muffin and the muffin of the day (chocolate chip) along with some butter.  The corn muffin was especially good.

The Garbage Salad is a mixture of greens with blue cheese crumbles, bacon and egg and some other miscellaneous stuff (which I guess is where the name comes from).  Paired with the balsamic dressing it was a very tasty salad – but – the greens had lost their crispness (possibly because of the dressing) such that you were unable to stab them with your fork, you had to kind of scoop up the salad and eat it that way.  It was a bit awkward.

Our steaks were both cooked to the medium level of doneness we requested.  My wife thought that the outside of her steak was too well done – a bit too crunchy – especially the edges.  I liked the crispy outsides of the steak however.  My filet was tender as it should be and I liked it a lot.  My wife’s strip steak had a very good flavor and was tender as well.  I expect that the dry aging helped the flavor of the steak somewhat – but I thought it wasn’t that much different than a non dry-aged steak.  That said, the steaks were very good overall.

My loaded baked potato was assembled by our server at tableside using ingredients from a rolling cart – nice because you can request more or less of any of the 6 or so toppings.  The baked potato was a good one.  My wife liked her mashed sweet potatoes.  It was served in its own little casserole dish.  It had a mini-marshmallow topping that had been put under the broiler to toast the marshmallows – a nice touch.

I almost forgot to mention the steak sauces.  Flame serves 3 different sauces to go with their steaks – a béarnaise sauce, a home-made A1 style sauce and a green sauce called Chimichurri.  Now my personal opinion is that if you need steak sauce with your steak – your steak is not worth eating.  That said, I did try the sauces (not with my steak of course) and found the béarnaise sauce mild but a bit bland, the A1 style was similar to A1 but I think better, the Chimichurri is a mixture of herbs with a minty flavor. 

The décor at Flame is dark.  Black walls and ceilings add to the darkness.  It wasn’t as dark as the Red Room downstairs – which is good because I could at least read the menu.  We both thought it is a nice place to have dinner – the table we were seated at was somewhat private as well.  The dining areas upstairs are a combination of 2 people tables and those 4 person U-shaped booths that are hard to maneuver in when you are trying to sit 4 people at.  Downstairs had some larger tables in the middle for larger groups. 

There is an almost 2 story wine storage area enclosed in glass in the corner of the dining room – complete with aluminum extension ladder to access the upper racks (better keep that ladder away from the oven in the kitchen!).  My wife looked at the wine list and thought it was quite good with a number of selections she would like to try sometime.  They even have some >$100 bottles on the list as well.  Our server offered to bring samples of any of the by-the-glass wines to try which is another nice touch.

Service was exceptional for us tonight.  Derrick was very well educated about the menu, the wines, the way the dishes are prepared, etc…  He did a great job for us taking the time to tell us about the restaurant, the dishes, etc…  My diet coke never went empty – and he was always close when we needed something (but not hovering).  My wife thought it was the best service we ever had (and I can’t remember of any better anywhere else).

Overall – we both thought Flame Steakhouse is a great place to go for a really nice dinner experience.  The food was great – the service awesome.  The downside however is that you pay for it – for Springfield it is an expensive place to go – the bill for our dinner entrees, split salad, 2 adult beverages (and a diet coke) was $94 before tip.  Now that I think of it however, it is less expensive than Doe’s Eat Place and I thought just about everything was better here.

314 West Walnut St.


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