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Danny and I met recently for lunch at Garbo’s in Chesterfield village.  I had been to this location once before a long time ago and also once to the National location.  There is a third location on East Sunshine where the original Clary’s used to be.

After looking at the menu, we decided to split a medium pizza with pepperoni, pineapple, jalapenos and sausage.  Since we were just getting a medium, we opted for the traditional crust instead of the thin thinking that the thin crust wouldn’t be filling enough for both of us.  Their standard pizza comes with a mozzarella and provel mix – which regular readers know I do not like.  Fortunately you can request mozzarella only (or provel only if you are into that slimy stuff).

It wasn’t very busy this particular day and our pizza came out in an appropriate amount of time.  The highlight of this particular pizza for me was the sauce.  It was generously applied to the pie and had a great flavor.  The toppings and cheese were good.  So far, they hit 2 for 2 on the trifecta of pizza attributes.  That just leaves the crust.

The traditional crust was pretty thin and had a nice edge for holding.  The crust was also such when you lifted a piece – it held its shape and didn’t flop over with the cheese and ingredients sliding off onto your plate.  It also was pretty crispy on the bottom – however – that crispiness came at the expense of being tough.  This was not a tender crisp crust – but rather one that needed a bit of jaw muscle to get through.  So while I thought the overall taste was good, the texture of the crust didn’t measure up to the rest of the ingredients.

The medium pizza was plenty for the two of us – in fact – I got full after 3 slices and Danny took care of my last slice.

The dining room at the Chesterfield location is a bit on the small side.  There is an upstairs loft area that has some additional seating.  The restroom was clean.

Service was ok and I had my fill of diet coke before leaving.  Beer and wine are also served.

So overall, there were some good things going for the pizza at Garbos – with the sauce being a star component.  With some work on the crust – this could be a really good pizza.

2101 W Chesterfield Blvd #c101 – (417) 883-9010

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