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My wife and I had lunch this week at Hebrews Coffee on East Republic Road.  Hebrews has been around a little while and is located in the same location that used to house a Churchill Coffee store when they still had places scattered around town.

We didn’t have coffee – so I won’t be commenting on that.  What did draw us to visit them was a coupon we received that got us a buy-one-get-one-free soup from their new soup menu.  Each day there is a different soup offered along with tomato bisque that is available everyday.  The day we were there the soup of the day was chicken tortilla.

We both ordered the chicken tortilla soup and thinking that would not be enough, I ordered the meatball sub and my wife ordered the chicken salad croissant.  Turns out the soup was enough for lunch as the portion size was generous and it came with a mini round loaf of bread.

I inquired and the breads, meatballs, chicken salad and soups are all made in house.   Soups were about $6.50 and the sandwiches were $6.55.  Diet coke is only available in a bottle which is not cost effective for me – so we both had ice water to drink.

The soup looked like it should have tasted really good – it was pretty thick and loaded with little bits of this and that.  It came out nice and hot, was topped with some cheese and had a few regular sized triangle shaped tortilla chips stuck in the top.

The soup was a let down.  It wasn’t bad – it just didn’t taste like much of anything.  It desperately needed some seasoning.  The chicken was shredded in very tiny little pieces so there wasn’t anything for texture other than the chips stuck in the top.  I also managed to find a small bone in my bowl – which I fortunately didn’t bite or swallow.

While the soup was lackluster, the bread served with it was excellent.  It was a rather dense but soft bread with a light crispy crust and tasted darn good.  This mini-loaf was also a large portion and I was really glad about that.

The chicken salad sandwich was ok and was a bit on the sweet side.  If I ordered it again, I would get it on the same bread the meatball sandwich came on instead of the croissant.  The meatball sandwich was pretty good – it has the same type of bread we got with the soup but shaped into a hoagie style roll.  The meatballs had a good flavor and were tender but didn’t fall apart.  The marinara sauce was thick and savory and not sweet like some can be.  It was a large sandwich which I ended up eating only half and taking the other half home (and ate today!).

At Hebrews you order at the counter, get a number and they bring the food to your table.  The dining room is spacious and the tables are nicely spaced so you can have a private conversation.  There are also some couches and chairs available for lounging and a private room in the back.  There is some interesting art on the walls which I think is all for sale.  The restrooms were clean.

Our food was brought out promptly.  We did notice that some of the tables weren’t being cleared of dishes in a timely manner after people left, but I think there were only 2 people working when we visited.

I would like to go back and try some other things at some point.  They need to work on the chicken tortilla soup and somehow get some flavor in there – it makes me wonder about the other soups though.  The sandwiches are pretty good and I think priced pretty well for the size.

1604 E Republic Rd – (417) 883-6200

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