La Fiesta Mexican Grill

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6/6/2012…   La Fiesta is CLOSED.


La Fiesta is located in the small strip center in the Home Depot parking lot on South Glenstone in what used to be Schlotzsky’s.   I consider La Fiesta to be (in Steve’s ranking) in the top tier of Mexican restaurants in town.   We had lunch on Sunday after church with a group of about 11.  We were seated in our own section of the restaurant in the back and it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The chips were warm and tasted good, the salsa was freshly made and had a really good flavor – it also had a bit of heat to it which I enjoy.  Steve ordered guacamole and I thought it was good when I tried it, chunky with nice bits of tomato and onion – perhaps a bit too much onion though in this batch.

My wife and I decided to order two dishes we have had before, the Special Taco Avodado and the Chipotle Fajitas.   The Taco Avodado are three open face corn tortillas topped with seasoned pork, onions and cilantro.  I’ve had this twice before and loved it.  This time however things were different.  There was a great deal of onion on top and a lot of cilantro – my wife does not like cilantro so she opted out of trying the dish after seeing so much on it.  Removing the excess of both of these ingredients was helpful – but the pork is what was disappointing this time.  In the past the pork was in small chunk form and had a very nice texture and flavor.  This time, the pork was shredded and the texture mushy.  This really let me down and I didn’t enjoy the dish near as much as before.  There was something missing in the taste this time as well – and I figured it out after I finished the last taco.  I forgot to put the special hot sauce on top that the dish comes with – this was a big mistake on my part as I remembered that the hot sauce is what really stepped up the flavor.  I will be trying these tacos again hoping that this was a one-time issue with the pork.

The other dish we tried was the Chipotle Fajitas.  We got the mix of chicken and beef and both were tender and flavorful.  What makes this one of my favorites however, is the chipotle sauce that they add to the fajitas during cooking – it really elevates this from a good fajita plate into a great fajita plate.   The chipotle sauce adds a great flavor and doesn’t overpower the other ingredients.  Definitely a dish to come back for.

Service today was very good with my diet coke getting refilled frequently.  We got our food in an appropriate time and our server was by often to check on us.   This was a nice change from the last time we came to eat here with a group after church.  The last time, we waited a very long time for our food – I’m glad to see that they have addressed that issue.

The decor is nice with a modern look and lots of natural light from the windows.  This is something that you don’t see much in most Mexican restaurants in town – which tend to be kinda dark.

Even with the problem with my Taco Avodado today this is still my favorite Mexican restaurant in town – fresh ingredients, really tasty food, and nice atmosphere (did I mention very good margarita’s?).  When I want Mexican food – this is my first choice.

3825 S. Glenstone Ave – (417) 886-7040

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