Little Tokyo

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I ventured north last Saturday and had lunch at Little Tokyo with my brother.  He and some friends at work come here occasionally for lunch.  Little Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant (duh!) but not the cook-at-your-table type place.

My brother ordered the spicy shrimp and I had the teriyaki beef (both $7.99 as I recall – but I’m not sure on the shrimp as my brother paid for lunch).  Both were served with fried rice and your standard Japanese grilled vegetables.  My teriyaki beef was ok – the beef was in rather small pieces and wasn’t tough or chewy – not top quality, but not bad.  It was cooked in the teriyaki sauce such that some of the sauce caramelized on the beef chunks – I liked that. 

The rice was good but the vegetables had more squash than anything else in them, which was bad for me as I don’t care for squash but my brother liked them.   Both of our meals came with a trip to the salad bar – which consisted of iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato.  Two dressings are offered the creamy Japanese style and the non-creamy (brown) Japanese style – we both had the creamy one and I liked it.  There were also some crispy bits to put on top of the salad – not sure what they were but they tasted good.  Our meals also came with a creamy dipping sauce – I didn’t use it too much as my beef had plenty of good flavor on its own.

My brother liked his spicy shrimp – I had a taste of the sauce and it was indeed spicy with some peanut flavors and quite good.  They offer beef and chicken with this same sauce and I think either would also be a good choice.

We also decided to order a spicy tuna roll.  This was a pretty good item – a bit on the small side – but it was spicy and had good flavor.

Service was pretty good with refills of my diet coke coming when I needed them.  Our food also arrived fairly quickly.  One odd thing about the service though was that our tuna roll was served several minutes after our meals arrived – not sure why that was.

The décor of the place is low-budget Japanese.  There are a few touches of signage I thought were interesting.  The salad cart was made of rough unfinished wood and had hand-drawn with a Sharpie in large letters “No Salad To Go” – not once but twice on the front of the cart.  There were also hand printed signs on the walls indicating various other “To Go” rules for other items.  I wasn’t quite sure of what to make of that – I’m sure they are cost control measures, but the signs really are tacky.

Overall – we got a pretty good Japanese-type meal for less money than at other places that cook it at your table.

1635 N Glenstone Ave – (417) 866-5596

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