Metropolitan Grill

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My wife called me a bit before noon today and said she was heading to the Metropolitan Grill with her sister for lunch and I should meet them there.  A few years ago, my wife and I came here on Valentine’s Day when they had a special fixed-price menu – we were under whelmed that night with the food and prices and have been reluctant to go back. 

I arrived a few minutes after the others and my diet coke was sitting there waiting for me (thanks to my lovely wife!).  I took a long time for our server to come back after I arrived – it was almost 10 minutes before she came back and we all started wondering if we had been forgotten.

When our server finally returned, I ordered the Chicken Spedinni ($10.25) which comes standard with flash-fried zucchini – not liking squash in any form – I opted instead for the gouda mashed potatoes.  My wife ordered the soup/salad combo with pumpkin soup and Kari salad ($9.50) and my Sister-in-law choose the Big “O” sandwich which is grilled cheese (provel & cheddar) on sourdough bread with a cup of tomato bisque soup.

Our meals were ready fairly quickly and were served piping hot from the kitchen.  My Spedinni consisted of a very generous portion of really tasty grilled chicken chunks covered in a picatta sauce.  I didn’t know what a picatta sauce was until it arrived on my plate.  It turned out to be savory sauce made with wine, lemon and mushrooms.  It is a light sauce and not cream-based – if you don’t like wine sauces (like my wife) you probably won’t like this one.  I did like it however and thought it went well with the chicken.  The gouda mashed potatoes were also very good – the texture was right on.

I tasted my wife’s pumpkin soup and thought it tasted a bit like pumpkin pie.  It was thick & rich and she liked it a lot.  She said her salad was good as well with several large pieces of turkey & ham – but – it came out without the candied pecans described in the menu.

My sister-in-law is likely to add her comments about the Big “O”.

Most lunch items are less than $12.  Dinner prices are mostly in the $16 to $24 range.  This is another one of those “Fancy Eat’n” places were many of the dishes come with special sauces or ingredients and prices to match.

Once we got past our initial problem of being ignored – service improved and was satisfactory for the rest of our meal.

The décor of the Metropolitan Grill is up-scale.  The dining room is very comfortable and is a very nice place to have a meal.  Most of the tables and booths have a view of the goings-on in the kitchen.  There are a few TVs on the wall close to the bar.  There is also a TV behind the mirror in the men’s room – I’ve not seen that before and it was neat.

The patrons for lunch today were mostly business people – lots of suits & dresses – so I looked a little under dressed in jeans & Nikes – but then again, I really don’t care about that anyway.

Overall we enjoyed our lunch today at the Metropolitan Grill.  My previous bias has been erased.  I will be coming back for dinner sometime.

2931 E Battlefield – (417) 889-4951

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