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Frequent commenter 416RM was the first one to give us the heads up on Minsky’s coming to town and JKulp42757 wanted a review – so – here it is.

Minsky’s is a Kansas City based outfit and I have eaten there many times when I lived in KC.  That was some time ago now and don’t remember any details except that we liked it.  Since Minsky’s opened I’ve been twice – first with Steve then again with Steve and Danny.

Then menu at Minsky’s is pretty standard for a pizza place, with appetizers, salads, sandwiches, a few pasta dishes and of course pizza.  A link to the printed menu is below.  The official Minsky’s web site doesn’t list the Springfield location yet nor does it have an online menu for Springfield.  The Springfield menu lists 13 “Gourmet” pizzas.  There are three types of crust; original, thin and wheat and honey.  There is a list of 38 available toppings including some unusual ones like sliced pickles, sauerkraut, slivered almonds, carrots and cream cheese (I wonder what that pizza would taste like).

On the first visit Steve and I split a medium Papa Minsky’s on original crust ($15.99).  The Papa Minsky’s has Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami and sweet roasted red peppers.  On the second visit the three of us ordered a small Philly Cheese Steak pizza on thin crust ($11.99) and a medium Jumbo Combo on original crust ($15.99).

Minsky’s uses a really good tasting sauce and they manage to get the crust nice & crispy.  Of the three pizzas we tried, my favorite was the Papa Minsky’s – it had a nice mix of meat toppings and the roasted red peppers really made the pizza sing – loads of flavor here.

While I liked the overall taste of the other pizzas, there were some issues with both the Philly and the Jumbo.  The onions and the steak on the Philly pizza were not cut small enough – the onions didn’t get enough time to cook and were still a bit crispy-raw.  The steak was cut into large chunks leading to some of the pieces being tough.  I think the steak should have been thinly sliced (like on the namesake sandwich) making it easier to chew as well as easier to bite off without dragging other toppings off the slice.

The Jumbo Combo also suffered from the ingredient size issue.  Like on the Philly, the onions didn’t cook all the way.  The mushrooms while fresh were cut into very large pieces and therefore not cooked all the way though either.

The ingredients themselves were, in my opinion, a notch (or two) above most other places in town.  The meats were excellent and the veggies fresh.

The mozzarella cheese on each of the pizzas is put on top of the other ingredients and came out to the table very nicely browned adding a nice flavor element to the overall taste of the pie.  We didn’t notice much if any difference between the original and thin crust.  We asked about that and were told that it is the same crust recipe but the thin crust is rolled just a little thinner.  Both were crispy across the bottom and the edges had a nice flakey-crispy texture.

The (almost) last thing I’ll say about the pizza at Minsky’s is that they are substantial.  The pizzas we ordered were really loaded with toppings & cheese.  On my first visit I could only eat 2 pieces of the medium pizza.  The second visit I only managed one piece of the medium and 2 pieces of the small.  From that second visit with Danny and Steve (1 small & 1 medium pizza) we had almost ½ of the medium pizza left over and none of us are light eaters.

The service was good both times we visited during lunch time but it wasn’t very busy on either visit.  I thought it was interesting that there was a photographer taking pictures of the food during our second visit.  Perhaps the News-Leader or some other publication is working up a review.  Minsky’s also has a limited delivery area – mostly the area north of Republic Road up to Sunshine then east to 65 and west to Kansas I think.

Minsky’s occupies the old Kaldi’s coffee space just down from Buffalo Wild Wings on Battlefield.  I don’t know what if any remodeling may have been done, but the interior is a step up from generic strip mall with dark painted walls.  There is a line of booths along one wall and quite a few 6 top tables for groups along with the regular 4 top tables.  The restroom was clean.

There is one other thing worth mentioning.  Minsky’s has a pizza eating challenge.  The challenge is that if 2 people can eat an entire 24” monster pizza (selected from the Gourmet menu) in less than 1 hour – the pizza is free – otherwise you will be forking over the $43 regular price.  Steve, Danny and I all thought it would be an impossible challenge for any normal human being.

Overall I enjoyed the pizza on both visits to Minsky’s with the “Papa Minsky’s” being a real winner from the Gourmet menu.  Prices seem a bit higher than other places, but once you see and experience the heft of the pizzas and factor in the left-over potential the price isn’t as much of a factor.

I will be going back to try the wheat & honey crust to see how it compares to Wheat State and McSalty’s.  Minsky’s is now near the top of my list when I’m in the mood for pizza.

900 E Battlefield St # 128 – (417) 887-4000

Click here for menu

Corporate Website:  http://www.minskys.com/

Link to Health Inspections

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