OHana Japanese Steakhouse

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OHana is the newest Japanese restaurant in town – on Battlefield just East of Campbell.  My brother David, his 3 year old son and I had lunch there today.  The sign outside indicates they serve sushi, steaks and seafood, so I was kind of expecting a sit-down place.  What OHana’s is however is a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse – the kind where you sit around a grill and the chef cooks up your stuff right in front of you doing a kind of show while cooking. 

The menu is fairly standard Japanese Steakhouse – beef, chicken, shrimp, salmon, scallops and various combinations of the above.  They also have a nice selection of sushi and sashimi and also ala cart items to choose from.

Since it is a Friday in Lent, I chose the scallops ($9.95) , David had the shrimp ($8.95) and my nephew has a bowl of miso soup ($2) and the noodles from my brother’s lunch.  We also ordered a spicy tuna roll ($6) to get us started.

The spicy tuna roll was quite nice and the hotness really sneaks up on you.  The tuna was chopped into almost a paste – I guess to get a good mix with the spices. 

My scallops were also very good – 6 nice sized scallops cooked just right.  The lunches came with a very small salad, fried rice, vegetables and fried noodles but no soup.  For lunch there weren’t any free shrimps that did tricks like I’ve seen elsewhere though.

Our chef didn’t do much in the way of tricks – sure there was the unnecessary knife banging and such – but no flaming volcanoes made out of stacked onion rings, no flipping of shrimp onto our plates, no knife tricks with lemons.  The one big trick was a rather large alcohol-based flame-up on the grill at the beginning that nearly singed our eyebrows.  My nephew did not like that – it got really hot sitting there next to it – it as actually a bit scary.

Service today was a bit spotty – our drinks were kept full, but I was brought out a regular coke instead of diet at one point and it seemed like it took a long time for our chef to arrive at the table after we ordered.

The restaurant building is new and was very nice & modern looking inside.  One thing I don’t particularly like about places like this is that if you don’t have a big enough group to fill up a table, you get seated with strangers.  This happened today but wasn’t too bad since we were seated at the opposite end of the table from a twosome.  BTW:  Ohana means ‘family’ in the Hawaiian culture.

I liked my food today.  It is certainly on par with other restaurants of its type in town and may actually be a less crowded place to go than the other more established places if you are interested in a Hibachi-type meal.

310 W. Battlefield Rd. – (417) 823-7788

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