Pizza House

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Pizza House recently moved to Commercial Street from their long time location at Bennett and Glenstone.  I had been to Pizza House exactly once before at the old location and I remember liking the pizza.  My wife and I decided it was time to try it again so we made a recent early evening outing to Commercial Street for dinner.

We arrived on a Saturday a little after 4 and the place was already packed (it opened at 4pm). We found the only open table way in the back next to the electrical breaker box with a nice view of the supplies piled up on the back staircase.

The menu is simple – pizza.  There is a small salad available ($1.50) as well as a deluxe salad ($3.50) – but that is it.  But then again, that is enough.

Pizza comes in 2 sizes, 9″ and 13″.  There are 4 ‘specialty’ pizzas and of course you can do your own creation from the list of 10 ingredients (see menu).

We ordered our standard pizza – pepperoni, jalapenos, pineapple and onion.  The pizza at Pizza House is thin crust only.  The crust is very thin and pretty crispy.  It was also cut into small bite-sized squares.  I don’t particularly like pizza cut into squares but it didn’t bother me too much since they were small squares and were crispy.

I liked the pizza pretty well – crust, sauce and toppings all tasted good.  I would consider it among the best of the very thin pizzas I’ve had in town.  My wife is a sauce person and there wasn’t enough sauce on it to suit her.  Next time we will ask for a side of sauce for dipping.

It took several minutes for a server to show up at our table and take our drink and pizza order – and then a few more minutes for our drinks to show up.  There was a small sign at our table indicating you can help yourself to refills at the fountain – which I did several times of course.  Our server was friendly.  It took a little while to get our pizza but it was fresh and hot when it arrived.

The place on Commercial Street is a step up in décor from what I remember of the old location.  The space is a narrow but deep with high ceilings with faux broken-brick walls.  The booths and tables are 50’s diner.  I thought it suited a pizza place pretty well.

There are lunch specials – 9″ one toping pizza and drink for $7.50 as well as a 13″ one topping with 2 drinks and 2 salads for $13.50.

Pizza House is CASH ONLY.  No checks or credit cards so be sure to hit the ATM before arriving.

I liked the pizza and will be back.  If you go, make sure to plan enough time as the pace is on the slow side.

312 E. Commercial Street – (417) 881-4073

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