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 Another new pizza place opened up on Republic Road this year.  Steve, Danny, Kelly and I tried to go there for lunch one day but didn’t realize until we walked in that this is a take-out only place.

Last week I finally had a chance to head over to Pizzaro to check it out.  I ordered a large pepperoni, onion and pineapple pizza ($16.50) – I wanted jalapeños but they don’t have them on the toppings menu.

I arrived there rather late in the evening – about 30 minutes before closing and they had already started putting stuff away.  I’m not sure if this was to be a factor in the experience I had – but there was a general slowness to the entire process of making my pizza. 

The crust is hand tossed – so they started with a dough ball, squashed it for a couple of minutes in a machine, then they proceeded to hand stretch & toss it to fit the cardboard cutout they put it on.  This task took several minutes.

Next, they hand grated some fresh cheese then began the topping process.  The sauce looked really fresh and chunky as they ladled it on – the cheese was generously spread on the top and the toppings (except for the pepperoni) were chopped while I watched.  This took another several minutes.

It was a good 30 minutes from the time I walked in to the time I walked out.  I was the only customer and there were two employees working on my pizza.  Even the ordering and paying process was slow. 

Oh, did I mention that this is a take-and-bake place as well.  They will bake the pizza for you if you want – but I had already called my wife to get the oven ready at home.  I have no idea how much longer I might have waited if I had them bake it for me.

One other thing that I must mention about the process – the instructions for home baking are to bake the pizza right on the cardboard (just a regular round piece of cardboard) in the oven.  I’ve never seen that before and had my doubts about it – I wondered if a hot cardboard flavor would make it into the pizza. 

I followed the directions for cooking – and even did the recommended transfer from the cardboard to a hot pizza stone several minutes into the process for a crispier crust.  It was difficult to move the pizza from the cardboard to the pizza stone as it was stuck in several places but I finally managed it.

After all that we were ready to dig in – but like another recent pizza adventure – we were disappointed.   The pizza had little flavor, even though the sauce was ladled on rather thickly.  I couldn’t taste anything resembling tomato or spices.  There was lots of cheese, but that just covered up the taste of the other ingredients.  The crust was not crisp – even though I followed the ‘crispy-crust’ directions – but since I cooked it I guess this was my fault.

Besides pizza, Pizzaro has salads, sandwiches and pastas – all advertised as ‘Made Fresh Daily”. 

I really wanted to like this pizza – the potential was high.  If they could get a pizza sauce with some flavor and figure out a better way to handle the crust – there could be some possibilities.  However, as it stands now, it just wasn’t something we liked.

I’m sorry to say we won’t be back.

1364 E Republic Rd – 417-889-7499

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