Rocco’s Pizza – Republic

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Danny, Steve and David and I met for lunch at Rocco’s Pizza in Republic.  Rocco’s was suggested by my nephew’s girlfriend who lives in Republic and said that her family loves the pizza at Rocco’s.

Rocco’s has both a Sicilian crust and a hand tossed crust available – the Sicilian is only available in the 14″ size while the hand tossed can be had in 14″ or 16″.  We decided to try both types of crusts and settled on a Sicilian with pepperoni and sausage for $12.25 and 16″ hand tossed ½ pepperoni, jalapeño, pineapple & onion and ½ meat lovers (pepperoni, bacon, ham and sausage) for $14.75.  We also ordered some cheese bread ($4.75) as an appetizer.  I didn’t try the bread sticks – but they looked pretty good.

The Sicilian pizza had a very thick crust and was nice and crispy all across the bottom of the pizza – something I really like.  There were a couple of problems that we all had with the Sicilian pizza however.  The first was that we all thought the crust was just too thick – it tasted good just too much of it.  The second problem was that the toppings & sauce stopped about 1 ½ inches from the edges – which combined with the extra thick crust – meant that you had to eat a lot of bread to make it all the way through each slice.  If you like really thick-crust pizza – you will be sure to like this one.

Everybody at the table agreed that the hand-tossed pizza was the better pie.  I think the crust is the same basic crust as the Sicilian – it is just a lot thinner.  I liked the taste.  Our large pizza wasn’t crisp all across the bottom though – with the middle being soft.  The bacon & ham overpowered the rest of the toppings on the meat lover’s side of the pizza which was too bad because the sausage used at Rocco’s is really good.  It is thin sliced from a link, not the typical crumble and had a nice Italian flavor.

The menu at Rocco’s also has a selection of subs, Italian standards and salads.

Service was good – except we had to ask for the check after waiting quite a while after our dishes were cleared from the table.

Rocco’s isn’t a really large place for eating in and this day I would say about ½ of the tables were occupied at lunch.  The restrooms were clean.  There is an interesting story about how Rocco’s came to be in Republic, which you can read on their web site.  They also are winners of the “People’s Choice” award at the Greater Ozarks Literacy Council’s annual Pizza Bowl.

Overall I liked the pizza at Rocco’s.  Coming back – I’ll be sure to stick with the hand-tossed pizza with some of that great sausage.

250 E. Highway 60, Republic – 417-732-5311

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