Rosati’s Authentic Chicago Pizza

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I watched Rosati’s open up on the east end of the Fremont Center a few months ago.  I stopped by one time and discovered it was a take-out only place and put it on my list of places to try when we were in the mood for eat-at-home pizza.

So, I got my chance the other day.  I really like eating pizza in Chicago and haven’t yet found a place in Springfield where I feel like I’ve gotten anything like the yumminess of the original Pizzeria Uno in downtown Chicago.

I wanted to try both types of pizza so I ordered a small thin crust pepperoni ($11.24) and a small thick crust meatball, onion and roasted red pepper ($18.11).  There is a warning that it takes 35 minutes to cook the thick crust pizza – so I took a seat on one of the four chairs in the front of the store and daydreamed until my pizzas were ready.

I have to say that once I got the pizzas in the car – they smelled GREAT!  I couldn’t wait to get home.  When we unpacked the pizzas they looked good as well.  They put some kind of a mesh under the pizzas in the box – which I guess allows some air to circulate and keep the crust crispy- first time I’ve seen that.

The thin crust was cut in squares (I hate this but it is the norm for Chicago thin crust).  The thick crust was cut in the normal wedges.  The thick crust had the sauce on top which is traditional.

So, everything was set – then the let-down occurred.  Neither my wife nor I particularly liked the pizza.  The thin crust wasn’t particularly crispy even with the high-tech mesh.  The thick crust didn’t have much in the way of flavor.  I would have thought that the meatballs, onions and roasted red peppers would have really popped on the flavor scale – but it didn’t.  The thick crust was also not what I love about Chicago-Style – it did not have that slightly sweet and biscuit-like dough.

I really, really wanted to like this pizza, but I just didn’t.

Rosati’s also has a lot of other stuff on their menu other than pizza.  There are hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps, wings, pasta, ribs, chicken, seafood… I’ve never seen a take-out only place with a menu as large and varied as Rosati’s.  In fact it is kind of strange… 

I would like to hear from others if they have had any other items from the menu and what they thought – I might go back for some other items in the future if I hear something good, but I won’t be going back for pizza.

3049 S Fremont (Fremont Center next to the license bureau)

417- 877-2008

Link to Health Inspections

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