The Red Room at Flame

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Please note, this is not a review of Flame – but rather the happy hour special in the “Red Room” lounge downstairs at Flame.  My nephew Caleb told me about the 4-6pm specials they have during the week.

The specials include the following:  Hamburger and fries – $3,  Cheeseburger and fries – $3.50,  Fried Calamari – $3 and two for one beers.

We ordered the Calamari, two cheeseburgers and drinks (diet coke for me of course).  The Calamari were quite good and a rather generous portion for your $3.  They were fried in a nice light batter and the pieces of meat were big enough to actually taste the calamari – and not just the batter.  There were two sauces on the side – neither was cocktail sauce – and I didn’t care for them much.

The burgers were served with sliced onions and a large hunk of iceberg lettuce.  The lettuce was not something that should have been served with the hamburger if the thought was that you put it on the burger.  It was much too thick of a hunk – a nice slice of leaf lettuce or romaine would have been better.  The other problem with the cheeseburger is that is comes with a slice of processed American cheese – I did not care for that at all – it ruined the taste for me.  As such, I didn’t like the burger as much as I had hoped I would.

Instead of traditional fries – the burgers are served with fried potato wedges – large wedges of potato sliced lengthwise.  You get 3 on your plate and they have a coating on them.  They were hot, crispy and very tasty.

Do you like the dark?  If so, you will love the Red Room because it is dark down there.  You get there by entering Flame and following the spiral staircase down into the ‘dungeon’.  What light there is comes from small red colored lights placed here and there on the ceiling and a plasma TV showing random scenes of flames dancing around (I guess that is why they call it the Red Room).  There is a mix of tall tables, regular tables and couch-based conversation nooks for seating.  A full service bar occupies one corner.  Did I mention it was dark?  It was so dark, I could not read the menu, I could not read the bill – I could not see what color my food was, etc…  Smoking is allowed down there – but the ventilation is pretty good as it didn’t bother me too much.

The one other item of interest down in the Red Room is the beef aging cooler.  Some of Flame’s steaks are dry aged – and the cooler where this is done is at the bottom of the staircase.  There is a nice informative sign with big print explaining the aging process – but guess what – it is too dark to read it!   Anyway, the cooler has glass walls and you can sort of make out the large primal cuts of beef getting old (er, I mean aged).

Our server was good and kept up with our drinks. 

Next time, I will skip the cheese on the burger.

314 West Walnut St. – (417) 862-4444

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