Tony’s Famous Spaghetti

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I was on the North side of town this evening and decided to give Tony’s another try.  I’m glad to report that the spaghetti and meatballs combo special I had were very good this time.  The sauce was nice and thick, with no watery mess at the bottom of the plate.  The sauce also tasted better than I remember from last time and it had lots of meat in it.

The meatballs were good – but still on the dense side.  I received 3 with my combo meal which was plenty.

Lastly, they still serve a huge pile of garlic bread with each meal.

I didn’t have a sandwhich so can’t personally vouch for any change on that front.

Eating at Tony’s is a good value and I’m glad to see that the sauce situation has improved a lot since my last visit.  I agree with the comment from Kim that is it indeed better than Fazoli’s any day.

I’m certain I’ll be back now when I’m in the mood for some pasta & meatballs.


Original Review 1/25/2008

Good friend Kelly suggested Tony’s for lunch, so the usual crew (Steve & Danny) plus good friend David headed up North to Tony’s for some spaghetti and meatballs.  Tony’s claims to be “Home of the Family Feast” and indeed they have a menu item called – Ozark Family Feast which is 1/2 gallon of spaghetti, a 16″ loaf of garlic bread, a 16″ sub sandwich and curiously only one large beverage.  Tony’s just opened this month (Jan 2008) and is located in a spot on Division just West of National which has housed several other eateries over the years.

Steve, David and I ordered the spaghetti special (plate of spaghetti, garlic bread and drink for $4.50) we all added a side of 5 meatballs for an additional $2.29 bringing the lunch total to $7.35.  Danny ordered the 16″ Gondola Sub Deluxe ($4.89).  Since Danny and I wanted to try both the spaghetti and a sandwich we decided to split our selections.   Once nice touch was that they had free cinnamon bread for you to snack on before or after your meal.

First the spaghetti.  You receive a good portion of spaghetti cooked correctly on a foam plate with Tony’s red sauce on top.  The red sauce was just regular spaghetti sauce, it tasted ok, but nothing really special.  The sauce was on the runny side and there was a puddle of liquid on the bottom of the plate.  I like my sauce thicker than this.  The garlic bread was also ok – we all decided that it should be toastier and have some crunch to it – instead it was warm and soft.   You get LOTS of garlic bread with your meal – the menu states that the meal comes with 1/2 loaf of garlic bread and they are not kidding.  No one finished all of their bread.   The meatballs were good sized and fairly dense and had a pretty good flavor – but not the best I’ve had.   One additional comment on the meatballs – they menu indicates that they are ‘spicy’ – we detected no spiciness to them.

After Danny and I finished splitting the spaghetti – we were getting full and were wondering how we were going to eat the 16″ of sub sandwich that was sitting in front of us.  David and Steve managed to eat all of their spaghetti and meatballs – only leaving a slice or two of bread (note that they were complaining about eating too much).  The amount of food you get for the price is good here at Tony’s.

Danny and I both thought that the Gondola Sub Deluxe was disappointing.  My search for a good Italian sandwich in this town continues.   It was just ham, salami and cheese and a bit of lettuce on Tony’s bread – it reminded me of what I could make at home – it is a large sandwich however and we each only got through half of our half (I guess that would be ¼ of a whole – right?).  Also supplied was mayo and yellow mustard in those little packets that are hard to open.  One other curious thing about this sandwich is that they put a nice white cheese (provolone?) on it as well as yellow American cheese.  Why the American cheese – I have no idea – it is not something that belongs on this type of sandwich.  The Tony’s bread is pretty good – a bit one the sweet side and soft.  They indicate that they bake it themselves and you can see the loaves ready for use on a rack.

You order at the counter and they bring you your food quickly.    You get your own drinks at Tony’s from the soda fountain.

Tony’s has a pretty large menu of your standard pasta items as well as various hot and cold sandwiches.  They seem to specialize in the Family Feast – so you can get a lot of food for a pretty good price.   I will not likely be back – it is too far from home and not special enough for me to make the trip.

834 E Division – (417) 864-8669

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