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I’ve been seeing ads in the newspaper about Touch’s early evening special – a three course dinner for $15.95 per person – and had been looking for an opportunity to try it out.  My wife and I finally decided that last Tuesday would be perfect and we invited our friends Chuck and Mary along.

The early evening ‘Sunset’ menu is offered between 5 and 6pm each day.  The Sunset menu contains many of the same items from the regular menu.  You get to choose one appetizer (12 options), one entrée (11 options) and one dessert (5 options).  For $5 more you can also select from two additional fish entrées. (There is a link to the menus on Touch’s website).

Tonight my wife selected the Lobster bisque, Tilapia and Crème Brule and I chose the Mediterranean Nachos, Seabass ($5 extra) and Crème Brule.  Our dinner partners chose the Touch Salads to start, Tilapia & Bacon Wrapped Bistro Medallions as entrées, Cheesecake and Tiramisu for desert. 

I really loved my Mediterranean Nachos.  Crispy pita wedges with dried tomatoes, hummus, artichokes, feta and a cool cucumber yogurt.  The tomatoes tasted similar to the tomato spread you get at Angeli – which means that I really liked it.  Everything was good about this appetizer – it was also a very large portion.  I wanted to eat it all, but knew if I did, I wouldn’t have room for the rest of my dinner (I did take about 1/3 of it home).

My Seabass was another winner – I really like Seabass and this was cooked just right.  The fish itself had a creamy mild flavor along with a wonderful texture.  I thought that the portion size was a bit on the small size – but the chunk was rather thick.  Served with the Seabass was a lobster risotto which tasted ok, but I didn’t see any lobster.  There was also a topping of walnuts, cashews, caramelized onions and apricots.  I liked the onions & apricots – the sweetness really going well with the fish.  The walnuts & cashews however was put together into more of a crumb topping like you would find on an apple crisp – it was much too sweet.

Crème Brule is one of my favorite desserts.  Touch’s Crème Brule was ok.  The custard was very tasty, but could have been more firm.  I would have liked the sugar on top to have been torched more evenly and caramelized completely from edge to edge (it was still a bit grainy on the edges). They also put some chocolate syrup on top of this dessert which was unnecessary.

My wife liked her Lobster Bisque and it had some good sized chunks of lobster in it.  Her Tilapia was also very good and she really liked the pasta it was served with – it had a somewhat spicy red sauce.  She had the same small gripes about the Crème Brule.

I’m hoping that Chuck & Mary will add their comments about their meals.

Service tonight was very good.  Our server came around often – kept our drinks refilled and paced out our dinner very nicely.

The dinning room at Touch is definitely on the up-scale side of things.  This is another one of those “Fancy Eat’n” places with a darkened room and elegant lighting and objects-de-art here and there.  It is a nice place for a meal.

Touch is a sister restaurant to Flame Steakhouse and features on their regular menu a couple of Flame’s dry-aged steaks.  The regular menu also features a nice selection of “Fancy Eat’n” seafood, chicken and beef with prices starting around $13 for the portabella pasta and going to more $30 for some of the steaks.

Overall we enjoyed our meal at Touch.  The Sunset menu is a great way to get some “Fancy Eat’n” food without paying full price.   We will definitely be back.

1620 E Republic Rd – (417) 823-8383

Link to Touch Web Page

Link to Health Inspections

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