Yum Yum Bowl

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In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed the new sign at an old location on Battlefield near Kimbrough and witnessed quite a few cars in the lot at lunch and dinner time.  I couldn’t tell from the sign exactly what kind of place the Yum Yum Bowl (YYB) was until I went for lunch today with Danny and friend David.  Turns out Springfield has yet another Chinese restaurant to choose from.

There were a couple of tables occupied when we arrived before noon.  This is an order at the counter, get a number, and they bring you your food kind of place.  The soda fountain is self service.  It got progressively busier (and louder) in the dining room as our visit went on.

The menu consists of some standard Chinese appetizers and several chicken, beef and shrimp entrées. There was one pork entrée and one vegetable entrée along with a couple of salads.  (Check out the menu link below).

My selection was the Teriyaki Steak ($6.95), Danny chose the Kalbi Style Steak ($6.95) and David ordered the General Tso’s chicken ($5.95).  I made mine an eggroll combo for an extra $1.95 which includes a drink (you can get the combo with two crab puffs as well).  I also decided on an order of the Crab Puffs ($3.95) to share with the guys.  The entrées all come with white rice and you can sub for fried noodles for an extra buck.

The Crab Puff was your standard crab rangoon – cream cheese in a fried wonton wrapper.  We discussed how they were unusually uniform in size and shape and pondered if they were frozen pre-made items.

All of the entrées are served in a very nice looking disposable bowl with veggies and your protein selection on top of a bed of rice.  The beef in my Teriyaki steak was in nice big slices, very tender and I think a big step up in quality from the beef found at your typical Chinese place.  The Teriyaki sauce wasn’t my favorite, however, because it was missing that wow factor as I didn’t think it was quite flavorful enough.  The veggies in my bowl consisted of 99.9999% cubed zucchini squash.  The other .0001% was one small piece of broccoli and ¼ of a mushroom.  I don’t like Zucchini so I left feeling a cheated on the veggie front.

I got a taste of Danny’s Kalbi Style steak.  It turned out to be a take on a Korean dish and in addition to the same rice & zucchini it also had a small portion of Kimchi.  I had a piece of Danny’s beef and found that I liked it a lot better than mine – large chunks with a really good flavor – sort of sweet and sort of spicy.  I would order it if I came back.  David mentioned that his General Tso’s chicken was ok – it wasn’t very spicy, consistent with what the guy at the ordering counter described.

I do have to mention the egg roll I received in my combo meal.  It had to be the worst egg roll I’ve ever had.  The outside was soggy; the insides were like a pasty mush and just didn’t taste good at all.  I’m sure this item came from a box in the freezer.

All of our meals came out quickly and freshly prepared except for the thing they were calling an egg roll.

The location YYB occupies was, for a very long time, a Chinese restaurant.  In the last couple of years, the spot has been either fallow or occupied by very short-lived endeavors including a Mexican place, gyro/pizza place and Chicago hot dog place.  I had lunch here once when it was the Mexican place and can tell you that the new owners have transformed an old, run-down venue into a nice place to have a meal.  There has been extensive remodeling and decorating and the place has a really nice up-scale feel to it now.

I think YYB is attempting to be a more up-scale fast food Chinese place.  I think the prices are a bit higher than other places when you consider a “combo meal” works out to $8 or $9.  Some of the items are of a higher quality like the beef, but others just aren’t any different or even worse (that egg roll thing) than other Chinese places.  Steve wants to try YYB at some point, so I may make it back one more time – if I do, I’m going to try the Island Style BBQ Pork and see what that is about.  I’ll also ask for less zucchini next time.  Otherwise, I’m going to get my Yum Yum Chinese somewhere else.

706 East Battlefield – (417) 882-3644

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